Thursday, April 1, 2010

Illustrating a children's book =)

I am happy to announce that I am illustrating a children's book.... have already started some rough sketching. My deadline is 3 months from today.... and I can't wait to share it with all of you. This will keep me super busy since I am still working as an art teacher, painting for Collect Artwork and was contacted by CHN (California Homeschool Network) with a proposal to speak and or teach a work shop at their August 2010 Family Expo.

I will also launch (finally) Kid ART Classroom at this event. An online published magazine filled with art lessons for Elementary school aged children and their teachers, parents. Have you ever as a parent been asked by your 6 year old "What should I draw?".... With the lessons in this magazine you will not only be able to answer that question but also be able to give your kids some amazing art instruction. 

The lessons are all very easy, require minimal supplies and are created with your child's age and grade in mind. Kids are amazing when it comes to art and should (in my opinion) be creating on a daily basis. The lessons in Kids ART Classroom are all nice and challenging for your kids, they don't know that they will try Van Gogh's brush strokes or Joan Miro's doodles. Each lessons that is inspired by a master will include a short bio since we don't all know when Picasso was born and where Thiebaud lived. This is the perfect time to teach those kids about Art History...

This magazine is my "baby" and has sure taken its time to be created. I am almost there and with the help of my new assistant (my 19 year old son) I am able to concentrate more on my artwork, illustrations and lessons for the magazine. The shipping, website design and everything else that has to be done when it comes to my 4 jobs will be done by my assistant. We are both very excited about this since I needed an assistant and my son needed a job for a few months before moving out and going to college. 

This is a loooong blog but wanted to share what is going on... 

As always you can find my art at and look for me (Jeanette Carlstrom) under artists... I always have a bunch of fun art for SALE.

That's it for today...

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The Dreaming Bear said... are a busy, busy bee! This magazine sounds so interesting to me, as I'm always trying to come up with subjects and projects for kids in our art studio! Can't wait to see more!