Thursday, March 25, 2010

Computer game art

As I am walking by my sons computer screen I see this...

He is playing some random computer game and the graphics are so cool. I have a thing about tree's and this is amazing.

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Danielle said...

Hi My name is Danielle Sevilla email I am trying to reach Jeannette Carlstrom of ART Magazine, not sure if that is you, hopefully I'm contacting the right person! :) I am working with the California Homeschool Network's Family Expo 2010, and you have been a vendor/advertiser in the past. I'd like to send you a proposal to be a speaker/presenter or vendor/advertiser for this year's event. Please let me know if I have found the right person, and if so where I can send you a proposal form if you are interested. Loved looking at your art, by the way! :) Thanks Danielle Sevilla