Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lots of neat things...

I have added lots of neat things in my store...

 photo DED0F1E2-2B14-4D1E-A5CA-E76C9B4A8563_zpshmcz3dgt.jpg

 photo fd4969bd-8583-4877-ae6b-7aa20a9c12a2_zpse0238fc9.jpg
Tea towels
 photo 5ac18bc4-0afb-43ca-8252-83cfe71d2299_zps6027f9b3.jpg
ACEO watercolor Easter bunny

 photo bdccfbff-eb73-436a-b536-e7df48c5e641_zps871da740.jpg
Tote bag made with Moda fabric
 photo 97782791-F2E4-4765-8219-55ACE8DC014D_zpsitqjagsw.jpg
ipad/ebook bag

 photo 4A8B1766-3735-4841-8A37-3884EB5F2B27_zpswa3kye3f.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Had some fun with my new sewing machine...

This is what happened...

Some adorable glasses cases...

Quilted, lined and durable...

Starting bid at only $.99

 photo 64787d15-bcee-404b-82d1-fbabe01f112c_zpsfba9ff9b.jpg

 photo bae3c027-eff2-43b8-b5a6-be9997e81849_zps324ddf50.jpg

 photo 42298ffa-8b7e-4240-8115-84ecc03c13fc_zps7fe00241.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage domino pendants

Just listed some adorable vintage domino pendants with 24" ball chains to Jeanette's Folk Art

Starting bid is only $3.99