Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy making more ART...

Here is some brand new fun ART... available on Ebay
These items are all great for gifts with the Holidays upon us. 

Personally I have bought 3 gifts so far but pretty much know what I am getting... most online. I much rather spend the day painting in my studio than running over people at the mall. 

Online shopping is wonderful...

You can even create your own wish probably knew that already but think about it for second. If you have a husband with not so good gift giving skills why not make life easy for him with a wish list on Amazon..You just mail it to him and never say a word about it. Somehow these guys think an elf or Santa himself send that email and you will end up on Christmas morning with the book you really wanted to read. Not a vacuum cleaner or Kitchen Aid :)

 These paper bag albums are adorable, all you do is add some of your own pictures and you have a cute little brag book album (8x8) to put on your coffee table for the Holidays... or why not give as a gift.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh Cristmas tree....Oh Christmas tree....

Is it not amazing....the things we do around the driving 3 hours to get a Christmas tree...just because it is a loved tradition....even when you have moved far away and there are tree lots on every street corner where you live today. 
That is what we did the day after Thanksgiving. We had all 3 kids in the house and started talking about how we always found the perfect tree at "Santa's Acres" in Camino California each holiday since the kids were little. We jumped into the car and drove.... 3 plus hours north... to Santa's Acres and relived memories and traditions yet again. What a perfect but long day :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Gift Tags....

 Just listed some FUN Christmas Gift Tags on Ebay and a Vintage looking scrapbook made with paper bags and true vintage cards and can find it here  
Monday again...and lots to do. Cleaners, groceries and birthday gift shopping. Not much blog writing so just enjoy the tags and know...the holidays really are right around the corner.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer season over....

After a long soccer season for my youngest daughter I am so ready to be done with the every other day driving to practice. The games on weekends are fun but limits you to do anything else....for months on end. We now have a few weekends off...until the indoor 
soccer season starts :) 

I cannot  believe it is Thanksgiving in a few short days and Christmas decorating next weekend.  What happened to the fall....and all the Christmas shopping I wanted to do before the holidays this year :)

Need to get busy since from now until New years eve we are a busy family. Both daughters have birthdays, Swedish Christmas Eve, Christmas Day American style, Advent and Lucia Swedish style and our little niece's first birthday. 

I do not have a single gift for Christmas or birthdays.... Perhaps I will do Amazon for all of it this year. The pumpkin pies will be baked tomorrow and birthday dinner the day after that. Dust off the stove and hit the kitchen. Gotta love the holidays.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jelly roll fabric and messy ART Studio

I just love can you not? These jelly rolls are amazing and so much fun to work with. I found this one yesterday at the amazing price of $6.99. The strips of fabric are 2,5" and the roll holds 42 strips. The project is a log cabin block quilt and I can't wait to get started....

That is where the problem starts! I can't wait to get started... hm... think I have something I "need" to do first...

My Art Studio is a MESS...I can't fit anything on my very long desk since it is covered in unfinished projects and fun ideas...You see, I often say, "I can't wait to start working on this new project" and I do... I start and very often finish but on a normal day I work on several projects at a time. I get easily bored and if I am sewing on a quilt that I really don't feel like working on the work gets sloppy and the quilt nasty. I might feel like painting flowers one minute and glue gnomes to wood the next... so I do...

That is why one wall in my studio looks like this....filled to the brim with supplies and ideas for inspiration... Perhaps when it all comes down to it I can't work as well in a neat and organized studio as I can in a messy, colorful, yummy and inspirational one like my own. I do love my studio more than any other place and I think I will start that new log cabin quilt right now :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ART up for grabs...

Some fun and brand NEW Art (listed for sale on Ebay)

Birds on the brain yet again... these birdies keep showing up in my art...better not ask why :)

Another tree of course... this one in mixed media collage. 

Visit me on Ebay if you like anything you see. These fun and whimsical pieces are the perfect gift.

Other that today is another sunny day here in California but boy was it cold overnight... in the 30s BRRrrrrrr... I am running errands most of the afternoon, cleaners, drug store, post office...Another Tuesday in the life of an Artist.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from the CAEA Conference...

Just back from Los Angeles and the CAEA Conference. My workshop went well and I had a good time meeting so many new people with the same passion as mine. Kids and Art!!!

I was not all that surprised to see that the Conference this year was poorly attended and the exhibitors hall half full. With budget cuts and poor economy ART will suffer first in many school districts :( 

My daughter came with me on this trip to help out and act as my personal assistant, Art encyclopedia, travel companion and best friend. We had so much fun and I will remember this trip forever. Love you girl...

Thanks to all that attended my workshop!!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or through my email. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I am working hard on publishing my ART Lessons for kids (Kids ART Classroom) Magazine and will let everyone know here on my blog when it is ready to be published. 

Today I need to get back in the swing of things again....unpacking (hate that) and ship some art I sold, grocery shopping and pick up the role as soccer Mom again. Good to be back home.

Have a super ARTSY week !!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More fun and whimsical ART

Today I have been busy listing some new and old art for sale on EBAY. I need more room in my Art Studio but hate to part with my ART. These need a new home so if you see something you like visit me on EBAY. The TAGS are wonderful gifts since they can be used for so many things... bookmarks, gift tags, scrap booking... The bidding starts at only $ .99!! 

The fun and whimsical painting with the 3 little creatures is brand NEW. A personal favorite is the piece with the mugs....painted on wood 6x18 and ready to hang.

Other than that I am waiting for rain....boy do we need it. Born in Sweden where we have rain year around to living in California where we hardly ever have rain is different. Perhaps I need to do some rain dancing... If you feel like you have had enough rain please send some my way, I am sick and tired of the sun and would love a gloomy and rainy day...heck...why not a whole week.