Monday, April 5, 2010

Sick child, missed work, DMV and Monday morning

Monday mornings are always sort of gloomy... but when you have a sick child at home from school,  missing work, knowing you have to spend the day at the DMV after work tomorrow... that Monday morning turns into the pits.

Wonder what is up with this cold my daughter seems to have. She was better on Saturday then last night got a whole lot worse. I hope this is not the flu!!!

So lets forget about gloomy Mondays and on to more fun subjects. Kids ART Classroom is happening every day now. My assistant is working on the website and I am working on the lesson plans. I am just about confirmed for the CHN Expo in August and will launch KAC then.

My art keeps selling at Collect Artwork  and I am so happy they found me!!! The illustrations are coming along, in the sketching phase falling in love with the characters. 

Hoping for a less gloomy Monday as the day goes along and perhaps a way to do the DMV business online, just wish they would let you use their online services without that stupid number they keep asking for. If you live in my area come join me at the DMV tomorrow, I will have hours to kill.


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