Sunday, December 29, 2013

Art for SALE!!!!!

As I am moving and organizing my art studio....

Figured I have to get rid of some art :(

Never easy but these paintings need a new home...

 photo d1a59c4c-4107-481a-98aa-254fed91abb4_zps0642ea34.jpg
Houses 1 

 photo 247f9cb2-d39c-4439-b58d-8c97ad751cb7_zps9ef207bc.jpg

Owl 1

 photo 42d31d84-14a8-476f-9af8-5e0a414f34d4_zps91313b91.jpg


 photo 4a1f2bfb-7db5-4377-bdb2-38081420b87b_zpsd39e72bd.jpg

Owl 2

 photo c8940178-10e0-431f-b180-18eb20c376da_zps4f182ce5.jpg

Houses 2