Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feel like art journaling again...

So I don't think I can wait for my studio to be move in ready to get creative again. Think Ill dust off some art journals and head to the Gamble Gardens to do some water coloring.... or just get my fingers sticky with some paper and glue. That is the best with art journaling... no rules, nothing can go wrong, no one has to buy and its just for YOU!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Jet lag and summer dreams

Arrived back in the US after several weeks back "home" in Sweden. I already want to go back. Summer in Scandinavia is quite the experience... I rode my bike at 11:30pm when the moon and sun still did this dance for who would win. Sunglasses still on at 9:30pm. The birds would wake me up again at 3am with the sun shining through my window.

Perhaps all this is causing the worst case of Jet Lag I have ever had? 

Not much painting or creating this summer but hope to change that when my art studio is done with its remodel. My sun is spending the summer in there home from college so the project is put on hold.

We are experiencing a heat wave here in the Bay Area and with no AC it will be HOT. Perhaps a trip to the mall is in order.