Monday, April 26, 2010

Art lesson for kids and some of my new ART

I need new glasses or something... seems like all my pictures are blurry these days (sorry). I would also LOVE to have a the Gorilla pod... 
Painted these two (above) yesterday.... today I am not sure that I have the strength to even hold a paint brush. I had 3 classes today, First grade and Kindergarten and we did collage fish, finger paint and wax resist. Don't ask why I spend the money on a manicure Friday=)

This is the wax resist... we had so much fun and it took the whole hour to color the entire 12x18 with oil pastels in as many colors as we could find. We painted with black paint over the pastels and used some old pencils as "scratchers" to draw lines... amazing colors.
On Thursday we study Matisse... some fun tissue paper collage work with liquid starch.

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Diane said...

Your classes sound fun--I'd like to be in one!