Sunday, December 29, 2013

Art for SALE!!!!!

As I am moving and organizing my art studio....

Figured I have to get rid of some art :(

Never easy but these paintings need a new home...

 photo d1a59c4c-4107-481a-98aa-254fed91abb4_zps0642ea34.jpg
Houses 1 

 photo 247f9cb2-d39c-4439-b58d-8c97ad751cb7_zps9ef207bc.jpg

Owl 1

 photo 42d31d84-14a8-476f-9af8-5e0a414f34d4_zps91313b91.jpg


 photo 4a1f2bfb-7db5-4377-bdb2-38081420b87b_zpsd39e72bd.jpg

Owl 2

 photo c8940178-10e0-431f-b180-18eb20c376da_zps4f182ce5.jpg

Houses 2

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

My ETSY shop

Getting my Etsy shop up and running again with some Jelly Roll's for quilting.... adding more items this week.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Having fun doing some quilting again. Dusting off the old jelly rolls and fat quarters. Pinterest has some amazing inspirations.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crochet granny striped afghan

 photo EB749D98-9ACD-400A-B7E6-1231A38D53FA-453-0000002E017989A9_zps04882441.jpg

Think I have been bit by the crochet bug again....

Seems to happen each and every fall...

Cant seem to stop...

....stop eating the Swedish cookies I found at Cost Plus the other day...

 photo 6B866509-962C-4EE0-AAE3-3D212625E087-453-0000002E1E02BF63_zps32cdbfe0.jpg

Friday, September 6, 2013

Turquoise and red inspired at the beach

 photo D919FA2D-A7AF-4ED8-83D7-5AC472F0A66A-1285-0000012103B694A0_zpsbf14a52e.jpg

A cup of tea and some homemade British scones with jam is the best way to start the day...
Painted this...

 photo EA2418C4-B333-4EB0-84A5-9149FBC1794A-1285-00000173FDE0C551_zpsbbb1bf79.jpg

Put our dog Marley in the back of the car and drove to the beach... he had the best time...

Could not believe it was 80+ degrees at the coast already at 11 am...

 photo C21BA037-92ED-4C1E-8011-B9222388DFF1-5523-000001E73A1BB8A0_zpsbb03e801.jpg photo FED4C9AC-F100-4E53-B260-360ADD56A7D4-5523-000001E73D7A3FAE_zps599e67b3.jpg

Always seem to find something turquoise... no matter where I explore :0) The yarn I found in this amazing store "Fengari"on Main Street in Half Moon Bay. Found some great colors for granny squares, super inspired by blogger "Attic24

 photo 26440594-8480-4029-A304-746BF9E0F46E-5523-000001E73EBE18A7_zps8186901e.jpg

 photo C4F9D55F-5BF5-4C63-877F-8DFB489AB53A-5523-000001E7E2C8FD09_zpsd5911336.jpg

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coffee Stained Hang Tags

 photo 5756DE9B-DBD9-493C-9682-F019ECF09E75-1285-000001792DA13819_zps011ac484.jpg

Another bunch of stained TAGS...

Mmmmm house smells like cookies...

Find them in my store

Jeanette's Folk Art

 photo A8678E12-49E2-48FE-980A-626AF6106F8E-1285-000001791E9D320A_zps609e84aa.jpg

 photo 799D2615-4ACA-459C-9750-71BF755E52C8-1285-000001791B35F943_zpsf46173cf.jpg

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Folk Art is fun

 photo D76E7E79-EE7D-4DF7-90A6-D58A5D30379E-1285-00000114BF6FC483_zps13813d71.jpg

Folk Art can be so many things...
whimsical, colorful, crazy patterns...
no rules...
just a mix of those wonderful elements of art...

 photo A89FFD93-1E7A-468F-848D-8CB78FB8D22E-1285-00000114BCE4377E_zpsf9dce4cd.jpg

I had some fun with paint and fabric today...
creating mixed media...
You can find these brand NEW paintings in my store

 photo A1DF371C-48C1-403F-ADF4-80212D77176F-1285-0000010907F88AC4_zps69b6c49a.jpg

Finally creating again...
It's been too long...
Happy to feel inspired by all you bloggers ;)

 photo FE9D2217-BBAE-4AF7-A7BC-93A455266748-1285-00000109042E7D2F_zpsa65222bc.jpg

Friday, August 30, 2013

Coffee hand dyed TAGS

 photo EB234D4E-4829-4C37-9CD9-D07354FE8A8D-20432-000007AF49B6E163_zps47e36160.jpg

Had some fun yesterday getting my TAGS dyed in this amazing "secret" recipe of coffee dye. My house still smells amazing.

TAGS are great fun and can be used in so many ways. You can decorate your house, use them as gift tags, scrapbooking, art journaling, book mark... list goes on and on......

 Find these TAGS in my online store

Jeanette's FOLK ART

 photo BFA99B5C-CC86-4D5F-A268-B70B7A3BCC06-20432-0000082B0F8D95C4_zpsb4f5e937.jpg

 photo 2EF1A0B9-A748-4391-A6A4-983850FE7A43-20432-0000082B10D71282_zpsd973d4dc.jpg

 photo 6F1E33CF-77A5-45EB-88FA-6613268B7D9E-20432-0000082B0EB77C62_zps53af3ccc.jpg

 photo 9095292C-81EC-4E17-9682-9102359E4F8A-20432-000007AF480140A7_zps7f394466.jpg

 photo 64391B40-13C7-4C66-8174-2C5D3F8FDA92-20432-000007AF45F286FC_zps8cd72186.jpg

 photo B0991482-EE3E-400F-8388-1BF36CCA50B5-20432-000007AF47156BD5_zpsae632fc6.jpg

 photo 665D41AA-F059-4DB5-AB6C-0A20FABD8666-20432-000007AF48DE7395_zps233ca6ba.jpg

 photo 2E4E5663-6CA6-485D-B291-643E371B605C-20432-000007AF54A4B2FE_zps36f7830c.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cup Cake Art for kids

Good Enough To Eat

This is a great art lessons for kids in all Elementary school grades. I am a huge fan of Wayne Thiebaud and always make sure to let the students know about his work. Make sure to show your students/kids how he loves to paint "goodies".

I used model magic for this lesson (see picture) but know it can be expensive and since I am all for affordable art lessons you can just as well use clay, play dough, make your own.... 

We then created ice cream sundaes with toppings galore. 

Putting the art in a plastic cup when finished and writing the name of the student on the cup made it easy for the art work to find its owner  when dry and for the art to not topple over.

We talked about how colors can represent flavors, we talked about the shape that can represent foods, we talked about texture and of course color until we all turned blue ;). 

Wonder how many of us had "real" ice cram sundaes later that day? I did...


Monday, August 12, 2013

Making it healthy

I never in my wildest dreams thought kale chips would pass my lips and be chewed with a smile on my face. Today the miracle happened.

Shopping at whole pay check (Whole Foods) in the chips section I was amazed at the $5 price tag on the tiny small bags of kale chips. Having read about this new "thing" I wanted to try eating like a rabbit. Walked off to the produce section and for $3 I got 2 big bunches of kale.

Once back home I googled "Hot to make kale chips" and was told by Mr Google to start with clean dry kale torn into small pieces. Toss these in a bag with some olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. Sounds disgusting but just you wait.

Spread the shaken kale onto a cookie sheet and bake 20 min at 300f. You will for sure wonder if you are doing it right since these kale pieces turn a funny color. Open the oven after 15in and find a piece that looks dry. HEAVEN!!! These chips melt in your mouth, don't taste like kale and you can't get enough. After eating half of what I made I realized I had just consumed half a bunch of kale :-0

I am still in shock and have to seal the rest of my chips in an air tight container so I don't eat them all. Can't wait to see what the family thinks ;)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kids art lessons

I have just changed some pricing on the individual art lessons at Kids Art Classroom. You can now purchase individual art lessons (pdf files) incl step by step directions and national art standards for only $.99.  Below are some samples. These lessons were created by me and made possible by my little students. Start planning for art with your kids/students today.....