Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Colorful houses

 photo a3d0e5ca-eba3-481d-8f3e-0bbaa39448bb_zpsd8558ae6.jpg

This is a painting I created last year during an art class at Stanford University. I learned about abstract art and it changed my view on how you create and view art. I have the original in my art studio and love the colors....


Monday, August 25, 2014

Too busy for art... is it possible?

 photo 7bde4de1-d040-42ab-8124-0fccba091bfa_zpsd0e45a5c.jpg

This summer flew by....
Wonder if I can get it back....
Moving took the entire summer away...

But I am getting settled again and can't wait to get my studio up and running. In the meantime I painted some watercolor ACEO's that you can find at Jeanette's Folk Art

Friday, May 16, 2014

Patriotic quilting in 101 degree weather

 photo 92A93AF1-2ECF-4C38-84F8-A002A783138F_zpsiv2jnfxk.jpg

House sitting my oldest daughter and her husbands farm up in Northern California.... 101 degrees yesterday... A/C and sewing machine it was...

 photo f5b499ec-8355-4c97-86ab-cf4fd9b74ea4_zpsa16090d6.jpg

Had all these fabric scarps from a 4th of July quilt I am working on...

 photo 47e23cb0-51b2-4811-a91e-10360b3fe231_zpsb7e37d6b.jpg

Had just too much fun and could not stop...

 photo 745b5aaa-b746-4428-b1be-20a9e461d39d_zps5cbbd125.jpg

You can find all these quilt in my store

 photo 27e1ccd5-4a24-4303-a31c-12c736c7b14e_zps694f856c.jpg

See the horse behind the barn? She was wondering Im sure what was going on...

 photo 528f3b48-8a81-490e-98eb-35d5b9c1567f_zps45b7a647.jpg

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage camper pin cushion

 photo 879aa90b-e6fd-474f-9c7b-0eda714cc3af_zps8bde6041.jpg

Anyone else in love with the aqua and red? I can't get enough. Made this at my quilt group gathering last week. Makes me want to run out and find a "real" vintage camper and take off on a road trip aroun dour wonderful country.
Had a tooth extracted yesterday.... yuck...but found that quilting on painkillers is not a bad thing :)

Camper for SALE in my shop

Bid starts at only $5.99

 photo faf9f630-ac05-441b-94a4-60c12fff86fb_zps3fdd99bf.jpg

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lots of neat things...

I have added lots of neat things in my store...

 photo DED0F1E2-2B14-4D1E-A5CA-E76C9B4A8563_zpshmcz3dgt.jpg

 photo fd4969bd-8583-4877-ae6b-7aa20a9c12a2_zpse0238fc9.jpg
Tea towels
 photo 5ac18bc4-0afb-43ca-8252-83cfe71d2299_zps6027f9b3.jpg
ACEO watercolor Easter bunny

 photo bdccfbff-eb73-436a-b536-e7df48c5e641_zps871da740.jpg
Tote bag made with Moda fabric
 photo 97782791-F2E4-4765-8219-55ACE8DC014D_zpsitqjagsw.jpg
ipad/ebook bag

 photo 4A8B1766-3735-4841-8A37-3884EB5F2B27_zpswa3kye3f.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Had some fun with my new sewing machine...

This is what happened...

Some adorable glasses cases...

Quilted, lined and durable...

Starting bid at only $.99

 photo 64787d15-bcee-404b-82d1-fbabe01f112c_zpsfba9ff9b.jpg

 photo bae3c027-eff2-43b8-b5a6-be9997e81849_zps324ddf50.jpg

 photo 42298ffa-8b7e-4240-8115-84ecc03c13fc_zps7fe00241.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage domino pendants

Just listed some adorable vintage domino pendants with 24" ball chains to Jeanette's Folk Art

Starting bid is only $3.99

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quilts for SALE!!!

Filling up my store "Jeanette's Folk Art" with some cute quilts made by me...

Super low starting bids and affordable shipping...

Happy Bidding...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sewing up a storm!!!

Spending hours each day sewing lately...
Love it...

These lovelies are all for SALE at Jeanette's Folk Art

 photo A9C05D87-0501-49AB-B602-1A7F40BCED39_zps6yc3voa2.jpg

 photo 51b14775-8251-46ed-a1a5-fd3b96cd7967_zps65f6a212.jpg

 photo cbea26fc-14d9-4c44-a3c3-55ccfe46ad5d_zpse453ac02.jpg

 photo 37905c48-a815-4dfa-a1da-633bb03ae7e8_zpsc51bbb8c.jpg