Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ebay or Etsy?

I am planning on selling my art again. I had a store on Ebay for a few years and did really well but am intrigued by Etsy and might have a go. Anyone that can tell me the differense between the two?

Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) are so much fun to create....especially for me with no patience and a million ideas of what I want to create. I am thinking of finally joining some sort of group here online to swap ATC's, anyone out there with some good suggestions?

Valentines Day came and went, the long weekend is almost over but we do have 2 more days off. Tomorrow I am spending the day in my studio. What am I going to do? Hm.... I have about 10 different things I want to try. If you are like me and love the Sumerset magazines the ideas are endless. You will never have artists block reading those magazines.


Janet said...

Etsy seems it'd be more up your alley if you're selling art. Etsy is a wonderland for DIY arts and crafts gifts. I have a few friends who sell their wares on there. Ebay is not DIY-specific or art-specific.

Jeanette said...

Thank You Janet!!! That is a good point, will keep it in mind.