Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OH NO!!! I have a pinched nerve in the neck...

This is what happens when you paint non stop, teach art to little kids and bend over those tiny desks, use the computer way too much and sleep with too many pillows.... you end up with a pinched nerve in the neck and you can do next to NOTHING...

Woke up at 4 am yesterday morning not able to move and after hours of agonizing pain I saw my Doctor who told me it is a pinched nerve between some vertebra's and it can take weeks to heal. I now rely on my neck pillow, heat and husbands healing hands. I have still to find a position that is comfortable. 

This is a mess.... my Ebay store is empty, I can't sketch on my illustrations, no driving the car or just about anything else you do on a daily basis. 

Oh well... when times are tough I always think how much worse it could be. On a positive note I am done with teaching for the summer so I will not miss work, I have a few more weeks before my illustration deadline, my assistant is working on the website for my business and I have the best family out there for support.

Guess I will survive ;)

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