Thursday, May 27, 2010

California Homeschool Network Expo 2010 and Kids Art Classroom

I am so excited to tell you all that I am having a workshop at the California Homeschool Network FAMILY EXPO in Ontario, California in August!!!

I did a workshop at the CAEA conference down in LA in November 2009 but this will be very different. The workshop is still the same but.... I will launch "Kids ART Classroom" at the Ontario event... 

For those of you that "visit" my blog on a regular basis you know this is my big passion right now and I am so very excited that it is actually happening.

Kids Art Classroom is my little company with art lessons for children in Elementary School. Being an artist and art teacher, illustrator and child at heart I have found that there is next to nothing out there when it comes to good, educational and fun art lessons. 

With the budget cuts in most school districts here in California the art teachers are the first to go. This is terrible and means that the classroom teachers are left on their own to teach art. The classroom teachers already have a jam packed schedule and a curriculum to follow that you would be amazed to see. On top of this they have to teach art and most of my teacher friends have no background or education in art.

This is where big mistakes are made. Most books and websites today do not give you real art lessons, they are more  like crafts. There is a huge difference. You want your child to learn art history and the elements and principles of art, not how to create a pinwheel out of pipe cleaners.

Kids Art Classroom is amazing. I have worked on and taught these lessons in class for 2 years now. They are all educational, inexpensive, fun, follow curriculum and easy for the teacher to follow. 

At the CHN Family Expo I will be teaching one of these lessons and also launch Kids Art Classroom at the vendor fair. There will be 6-8 lessons per magazine and also individual lessons on our website
The website is still under construction but the email is up and running so please feel free to ask any questions about what we can do for you as a teacher, homeschooler, parent or student....

If you homeschool in California this is the event to go to...

Have a splendid rest of the week... I am celebrating a much more flexible neck today than the last two days and hope I can paint again this weekend.

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A BIG Congratulations!