Friday, May 7, 2010

Adding pictures to EBay listings with a MAC...

I have spend hours and hours these last few weeks since opening my EBay store trying to find out how to get the pictures of my art into the descriptions. 

I have followed fellow artists directions, right clicked and left clicked and clicked off the darn computer in pure frustration... Just now I found out that EBay is not MAC friendly ( I could have told you that) and that you pretty much need a third party site for templates and picture downloads... They all seem to charge for this :(  

I will keep looking tonight and hope to have this problem solved this weekend. My listings look so naked when I can't have the picture of the art in the description.

 It is Friday thought.... aahhhh... and I am having a hubby free one as well. Our youngest daughter has soccer games both Saturday and Sunday but I always love to watch her play. This will be a mini Mother and Daughter weekend. We are celebrating Mothers Day on the 30th (Swedish Mothers Day).... 

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