Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art lesson for Elementary School aged children

This is a wonderful art lesson where we studied Joan Miro and some of his "fun" work. The kids can really relate to his childish art and love to work with oil pastels. First we talk about Miro and I show them posters of some of his work. If you do not have posters you can find images online. Wikipedia is a good place to read up on artists

We talk about how Miro uses bright colors and shapes to create creatures and fun objects.

The lesson is easy and fun...
We started with some large white paper and a black sharpie. The point here is to draw one line (a doodle) all over the paper. Later when we color (we picked primary colored oil pastels) the kids are so excited when all of a sudden shapes form and they see random "things" in their art. The best part was sharing our art and laughing at the random things we saw in each others drawings.

Kids love art so help them explore all the elements of art!!!!!!!

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