Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Art lesson for Elementary school

Elementary School Art Lesson Grade 1-5

Another super ART lesson that can be done with kids of all ages. I did not know of these patterns but what I do know is how the kids all loved it.


Black construction paper
Construction paper of all colors
Glue stick
White construction paper

1. Tell the kids about these patterns... read up on Wikipedia

2. Have the kids draw an animal on the white construction paper making sure to leave enough room to draw around the animal 2 times.

3. Time to color with markers and lots and lots of the Mola patterns.

4. Cut out the Mola and glue it on the black construction paper, find some colored construction paper to match the Mola, cut strips and glue on the black construction paper.

Let the kids share their ART...

You will be amazed at what they will say and you will learn so much from the way they create ART...with no rules and no hesitation...

Most of these are from my 4th grade class, they loved the lesson and they learned about "Molas". The lesson will take just over 1 hr. for the older kids and less for 1st - 3rd grade. The 5th graders take the whole hour to think of the pattern, sketch it with pencil before "daring" to go over it with a marker. They will then sit and agonize about what color to use and make sure all colors match. The lower grades have no hesitation and will be done in 45 min. or less. They will make up patterns as they go and not use a pencil to start with. This is what I see in my ART classes every day... not something I have read in a book. My personal opinion is that children loose the ability to created ART without that hesitation sometime in 3rd grade. Just as an adult.... we sit and wonder and think what we are going to create instead of going with the flow and just make ART.... I wish I could create like a first grader :)

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