Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art mosaic

Originally uploaded by JeanetteCarlstrom
Turquoise and red together is for sure a "yummy" color combination. I still love red and white polka dots but today I think red and turquoise takes the price.

These are some random "things" and photos I have created in the past few years and thought I would share. I is time to post some new art and I will do so later today when I have downloaded some new pictures from my camera.

After hurting my back over the weekend everything I do takes forever.... and I am so sick and tired of spending half my time laying on the floor trying to get comfortable, seems to be the only place I can get comfortable at. The dust bunnies and my cat Max seems happy though :)


Flor Larios Art said...

I like your art mosaic...the colors look spectacular!

Jeanette said...

Thank You....The mosaics are so much fun, have to make another one.