Sunday, January 4, 2009

The wedding only one week away!!!!!!!!!

It is today only one week until my daughter is getting married. It feels surreal and somehow like she was born just yesterday. It is hard to really think about the big picture when all you do is stress around the wedding planning. Maybe after the wedding I will be able to digest the whole thing. Now I have to deal with caterers, florists, hair, nails, dresses, alterations, guests, rehearsals, lodging.....the list goes on.

So am I getting any art done? NO.... but every day I sneak in a few minutes in my art journal (or I would go crazy for sure).

We are back in town after a few wonderful days at our friends The Rehnvall's house. Tomorrow the kids go back to school again (but not me...I am taking the week off for wedding stuff). Life goes on and it is 2009!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congradulations. Oh what a big thing. Big for your daughter and you. Wow your family is growing.
I havn't gone through this yet. Your post made me think, yes this is a big deal for mum too.
All the best for the great day.