Friday, January 30, 2009

My own ME day today :)

After feeling awful for a few days I was glad to wake up this morning to feel better. Today is Friday and my day off so I decided that today is my own ME day !!! What a wonderful idea.... I had coffee in my favorite orange striped chair in my studio with all the ART magazines and books I could find. The latest Somerset Studio is wonderful and highly recommended.
2 hrs later (OH BLISS) I took the longest shower in history and drove to Michaels for some charcoal pencils and found (of course) plenty of other FUN and very necessary things that I just had to buy. Lunch at Chipotle (who can eat that whole burrito???) and a really quick trip through Costco.

Back at home again with a full head of ideas for some ART... have to put my thinking cap on since it is the Faculty Art Show already in April and I wand to come up with something fabulous. Unpacking the bag from Michaels...always fun...with some new sticker letters and clear stamps...chipboard tags and ... oh yea... the charcoal pencils I left the house to get. Now I have the rest of the ME day left to do whatever I want to do... Tonight the youngest of my kids is on a sleepover, the middle one out of town and the husband working late... :) JUST ME =^..^=

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