Sunday, January 25, 2009

Need some new art lessons

Fun ripped paper bug project 4-5th grade Art Project...

I am in need of some new art lessons. Anyone out there with some ideas please let me know. I come up with almost all of my lessons (art for Elementary school kids) and always work with a lesson planner that the school district provide their teachers with. I am usually very organized and have lessons planned for 3 weeks ahead. I am teaching 3 5th grade classes tomorrow and have no idea what I am teaching.

I have used up most of my ideas and feel like I have no idea how to come up with new ones. The ideas might be there but I ALWAYS make a "sample art" to share with the kids. I love to show them what I am talking about by showing them some posters of famous ART or some sort of "thing" to touch and feel and smell. I even dance if I have to or sing to help the kids to "get it". Lately there are no finished sample art pieces and no posters to show.... and I think I know why... I have been spending way tooooo much time with my ART JOURNALS!!!

Tomorrow I need to bring out the art education books and magazines and visit blogs and teaching art websites. Putting on the thinking cap and CREATE MORE ART LESSONS!!! The ART journals will have to wait for a little bit. I can use them like carrots on a stick to a donkey, me being the donkey :). If you have any good websites to share PLEASE let me know.

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