Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost time for the wedding

I love my daughter and I love my son in Law but I hate the stress of wedding planning and last minute RUSH....Do they know you can just elope to Vegas and get married in a little cute chapel with an Elvis impersonator. Hahaha my daughter would kill me if she knew these are my thoughts these last few days before the big DAY.

I found a place that can alter the dresses last minute today....after spending the day with yet another migraine, medicated and grumpy...I took my 11 yr. old there this afternoon to have her dress hemmed and my dress has to have the "tail" removed. The zipper in the back (right over my rear end) sticks out and it looks like I have a tail. The place is sort lack of words (a dump) and I wonder if I made the right decision to leave our dresses there. The lady promised to have them done by Friday afternoon... SCARY PLACE...

Later this afternoon the migraine is gone, my hair has new high and low lights....the kids are home from school, dinner is planned, homework going and I need to start cleaning the whole house....

Vegas weddings might be the way to go :)

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