Monday, January 5, 2009

Some NEW Art

Here is some NEW ART...some of the pieces I created before the one above...when I had a few days before Christmas and no gifts under the tree :O)
The girls are just a try for some melted wax....was fun and i will try it again. All these pieces are in one of my handmade ART JOURNALS that I can't get enough of. Just need to do some more writing in them and less ART...just can't stand my handwriting.
This girl is so shy :) My good friend Jenny (age 5) inspired me...even though Jenny has blond hair not blue. She loves her dolls and is a real treat to be around. I have inspired her as well and she is just getting started drawing little girls...
This little one gave me a lot of trouble...Her hair was a mess...I still have to work on more background.
In my front yard I found these red berries enjoying the has been cold these last few weeks even here in California.

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