Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy making more ART...

Here is some brand new fun ART... available on Ebay
These items are all great for gifts with the Holidays upon us. 

Personally I have bought 3 gifts so far but pretty much know what I am getting... most online. I much rather spend the day painting in my studio than running over people at the mall. 

Online shopping is wonderful...

You can even create your own wish probably knew that already but think about it for second. If you have a husband with not so good gift giving skills why not make life easy for him with a wish list on Amazon..You just mail it to him and never say a word about it. Somehow these guys think an elf or Santa himself send that email and you will end up on Christmas morning with the book you really wanted to read. Not a vacuum cleaner or Kitchen Aid :)

 These paper bag albums are adorable, all you do is add some of your own pictures and you have a cute little brag book album (8x8) to put on your coffee table for the Holidays... or why not give as a gift.

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