Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer season over....

After a long soccer season for my youngest daughter I am so ready to be done with the every other day driving to practice. The games on weekends are fun but limits you to do anything else....for months on end. We now have a few weekends off...until the indoor 
soccer season starts :) 

I cannot  believe it is Thanksgiving in a few short days and Christmas decorating next weekend.  What happened to the fall....and all the Christmas shopping I wanted to do before the holidays this year :)

Need to get busy since from now until New years eve we are a busy family. Both daughters have birthdays, Swedish Christmas Eve, Christmas Day American style, Advent and Lucia Swedish style and our little niece's first birthday. 

I do not have a single gift for Christmas or birthdays.... Perhaps I will do Amazon for all of it this year. The pumpkin pies will be baked tomorrow and birthday dinner the day after that. Dust off the stove and hit the kitchen. Gotta love the holidays.

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