Thursday, November 5, 2009

More fun and whimsical ART

Today I have been busy listing some new and old art for sale on EBAY. I need more room in my Art Studio but hate to part with my ART. These need a new home so if you see something you like visit me on EBAY. The TAGS are wonderful gifts since they can be used for so many things... bookmarks, gift tags, scrap booking... The bidding starts at only $ .99!! 

The fun and whimsical painting with the 3 little creatures is brand NEW. A personal favorite is the piece with the mugs....painted on wood 6x18 and ready to hang.

Other than that I am waiting for rain....boy do we need it. Born in Sweden where we have rain year around to living in California where we hardly ever have rain is different. Perhaps I need to do some rain dancing... If you feel like you have had enough rain please send some my way, I am sick and tired of the sun and would love a gloomy and rainy day...heck...why not a whole week.

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