Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Making Holiday Gifts....

Having FUN making gifts.... for Birthdays and Christmas... In our family we have two 3 birthdays during the Holidays. 
I made some shabby 4" quilt squares with letters for my niece who is turning one next week. Sort of like a book I guess... Also a super soft flannel quilt in brown and pink. The brown, blue and tan is a crochet project I started yesterday...playing with some fun flowers on top. I think I have 3 afghans started and someday one of them will be finished :)

What are you making for the Holidays?

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Kelee said...


I love those squares with letters!! Great idea!

You are such a wonderful artist! And, creative thinker.

I really wish you would sign onto the Metamorphosis Monday Party ---next week you do it on Sunday night so everyone can see your great ideas....

love, kelee