Sunday, August 23, 2009

School is soon....

Almost makes me sad.... that the summer break is over. Having 3 children I have done this summer break many times and always (and I will admit it now) felt a sense of joy when school started again.

This year not so much :( ... feel sort of cheated out of a whole summer due to this stupid water leak and pneumonia. Tuesday is only two days away and my youngest daughter is starting Middle School. The whole summer break is over and we hardly did anything we planned to do.

Have to get past that and move forward, I know she is excited to enter Middle School and 6Th grade and I can spend my days driving her to soccer and piano practice yet again ;) I have so much to do with Kids Art Classroom (my brand new art lesson magazine for kids) and the upcoming Conference in Los Angeles at the CAEA Annual State Conference.

For those of you out there that can't wait for your kids to go back to school I totally understand, I have been there for many years but this summer I feel cheated and wish summer break could last another month.

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Joy said...

Aren't these things just sent to try us?! I always feel the summer speeds by way too fast! We managed some outings but the scorchingly hot summer we were promised never really materialised, had to make the most of the dry days we did have.
Hope your daughter's first day at Middle School went well & good luck with your Kids' Art website, looking forward to visiting it :D