Friday, August 28, 2009

Before the internet...

So here I am again with another post of non spell checked writing with my Mother in laws old laptop...I did receive an email this morning with a promise that my laptop will be back next week on Wednesday. I think I need to have a laptop welcome back party that day and just embrace each moment I can log on. How pathetic is that? what did we do before these little addictive monsters? Go to the bank evey day? spend time with the phone book way too much? buy stamps at the postoffice to mail off letters and bills.... This must have taken hours.

On the other hand (this is my Mothers point of view) we have lost contact with "real" life. Sending friends emails instead of calling or sending letters/cards, spending too much time sitting down indoors when you can ride your bike to the post office to buy stamps and go to the bank.

My point of view is.... I can still ride my bike if I want to and I do send birthday cards and letters still and I hate to go to the bank and postoffice.

So these are my thoughts on a Friday morning when the drywall crew is about to arrive to close up the walls. Next week we have the final inspection and then off we go to put up the new kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, sink and all brand new appliances :) FINALLY

Have a splendid Friady

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