Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Lessons for kids... school starting...

So here it is.... my pride and joy... still under some final construction...My very own logo that I created on my own with help from a very good friend when it comes to the technical part ( I am awful with that) and my 11 year old daughter who was a part of the main design.

Funny how after hours of trying to figure out that perfect logo my daughter did some sketching and.... there it was. Guess this is why I love to work with kids and art, they do not have all those blocked parts of their "art brains" like us adults and they are not afraid to try.

The website Kids Art will be up and running very soon, you can check back here on My Art Gallery for updates on when. I am having the first magazine issue of Kids Art Classroom published in late October with at least 5 art lessons for Elementary school aged children. This will all be available on the Kids Art Classroom website.

The art lessons are easy to follow, educational and fun for the kids. I have worked hard to make sure they all meet national standards and will be a huge help to all of you out there brave enough to home school as well as teachers trying to fit art into their hectic schedule. If you have kids at home that love to do art, put away those coloring books and spend just about the same amount on one of the Kids Art Classroom issues.

There will be pictures and plenty of directions, supply lists and standards for each lesson. Also, information on specific artists that the lesson might be inspired by and (very important) mistakes and ideas that I have come across from teaching these lessons in the past.

I am attending the CAEA (California Art Education Association) conference in November where I am teaching one of my lessons (Good Enought To Eat, cupcakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud) and also promoting my Kids Art Classroom magazine in the exhibitor hall. All very exciting... :)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me here on My Art Gallery. This blog will stay active no matter what since this is where I post my own art and thoughts.

Over and out for now... hope to create some art later today....thinking about trees and circles :) what's new...

Here is some kids art... I can never get enough :)


Mary said...

Love the banner. I love kids art, they don't even think "am I an artist" they know they are! :)

My daughter is a senior this year, and has thought about teaching art. I'll pass on your blog, it might add some food for thought.


Jeanette said...

Please let her know that teaching ART is the most rewarding thing...Glad you like the banner!