Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ART Lesson for 2nd graders

I am working hard to meet a
dead line .... funny how those things sneak up on you :)

The ART lesson I am working on (not the picture above, this is something I created years ago) is something close to my heart and I can't wait to teach it to other Art Teachers and home
schoolers at the CAEA Conference down in Los Angeles in November.

Other than that I am still not able to live in my house after a nasty water leak weeks ago. Seems like between estimates, insurance and contractors it takes forever to get started. We hope to have the old floors removed tomorrow and the general contractor starting on Thursday. After the dry wall is hung and all the dust cleaned away I can move back home again. I miss my studio more than I can say and my kitty cries for me every day when i go home to feed and love him for a few moment. Having suffered a bad case of pneumonia this spring I am not allowed even close to dry wall dust (doctors orders).

When the lesson plan is mailed off I am starting my next project. Publishing a Art lessons for kids magazine online. I already have lessons picked out, a table at the
CAEA Conference Exhibition to promote the magazine and hotel reservations for me and my daughter. She is coming for help and support. Having taught art to kids herself for over 2 years she is as much a part of this as I am. We cant wait. Plenty of work before we get there though....wish me good luck.

Those of you following my blog know I am taking a year off from
teaching ART to sort of expand my horizons and finally doing something about the lack of ART lessons for kids. Being a chronic migraines sufferer and having just recovered from pneumonia I have to take this step by step and only take a day at a time. I never know if tomorrow will be a migraine day. For now I am looking forward to fall, to the ART lessons to come and a brand new kitchen...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanette!

I am posting your art tomorrow with a link over to you!

love, kelee