Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Putting together Ikea furniture...

Today I can't even seem to get dressed before the day is almost over...It is so frustrating when you have something planned and then somehow everyone needs you to do something and the day is over...

I love Ikea and we did find the perfect bed for our daughter there the other day... she is in a full size bed now and very excited. I am even a master at putting the Ikea stuff together after years of practice but... this specific full size bed is kicking my butt....driving me to words I can't blog and sweating like a maniac. Try screwing together a full size bed in a tiny bedroom and you know what i mean.
Seems sort of silly now but I was fuming just minutes ago. The bed is 90% completed but I had to give in since I don't know how to screw a screwdriver at a 15 degree angle. There is perhaps a secret way to do this that I don't know about so the husband has to figure it out later tonight.

I think I am going to get dressed (4:15 pm) and go to the grocery store for milk and dinner.
Oh, the Smith and Hawken picture is from one of their amazing stores very close to where my oldest daughter lives... I sort of pretend I live at that store :)

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