Monday, June 1, 2009


FOR SALE (click on image)
Another day... feeling better by the minute... adding more ART to Ebay...
I just have to make more room....
So I can go and buy more canvas.....and water color paper...
and make more ART....
Also saw that there are some Somerset Magazines out there that I don't have :) so today I have to sneak out to Borders. Guess if I feel well enough to even think about leaving the house I can do so, even if just for a little while.
Today I just realized I have spend close to 2 weeks in my house without leaving... not even feeling like I wanted to. Pneumonia does that to you. If you know me that is "strange" since I run around town all the time and have a hard time to stay in one place for very long.
The local Art stores, Borders and Starbucks must wonder.... whatever happened to that Art Lady? our business is way slow this month :)

Take a moment to peek at my Art on Ebay! I list my Art at a very low price so anyone can enjoy it.



Lynn said...

Did you get to hear those wonderful words? "My dear you must rest!"
Glad you are better!

Joy said...

Hey she's back! Glad you're on the mend & feeling ok enough to get back to your art -- which is so so lovely! How talented are you?! -- and that you're thinking of venturing out as well... but don't overdo it.
Take care. x

Jeanette said...

Hi girls.... Thanks for visiting and your kind words. I am resting and resting and painting and painting :) I think ART is healing and if you paint in bed even better... Have a nice week.