Friday, June 5, 2009

Anthropologie SALE... what more can I say!

Anthopologie has a store only a few blocks from my house. I would live in there if I could... and the water fountain outside is to die for. I found some delicious items there yesterday... they had a SALE (of course)

The mug is adorable (only$6) with my "J" on it and the soap is verbena (my favorite scent) and the sketch book was 50% off...
:) Across the street is the place I was headed for to begin with.

A very expensive but yummy antique store... I did not find anything I "needed" for the price they asked. Hello... $5 dollars for a very small porcelain doll head... No thank. But looking is always fun and it fills me with inspiration.

It was a quick trip since I am still so worn out from the pneumonia but nice to get out for a short while.

I am adding this "goodie bag" on eBay for anyone interested. As you know I am clearing out my studio and finding treasures to share every day. I am starting the bid at $.99
The paper bag is filled with over 50 items...vintage paper, vintage birthday card, playing cards for ATC's, tags... glue, chipboard...



Lynn said...

Glad to hear that you are up and around and shopping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanette!

Don't you ADORE Anthropologie?!!!! I DO.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Jeanette I am so sad to hear about your health...I just hope and pray that the Divine guides you to the right
ideas, treatments, and processes to make you WELL IN EVERY CELL. I say that as an affirmation....I am well in every cell....becasue the truth is in your eternal body you are perfect. We just need an adjustment in this plane right now. And so it will be.

love, kelee