Saturday, June 6, 2009

MY ART STUDIO in progress...

I could sure need some help from you guys....
Redecorating my ART STUDIO is not as easy as it looked in the latest issue of "STUDIOS"
I did get the way too big and ugly book shelf out of here... it is now laying down outside the Studio door (much to my husbands dislike).. he is the one that has to get it out in the truck and take it to the Goodwill. :)
Now where do I put everything? What do I keep and what do I give away? I just can't seem to part with anything. Are there rules? guidelines?... please help!

It is taking forever since I am still in the middle of recovering from this awful pneumonia... I have to sneak in here and hide (or my husband will send me back to bed) :). There is a lot of sorting, organizing and finding wonderful things going on, I found some old vintage hankies that I totally forgot about... who knows what I will find next.

This will take me days to complete and I will keep you updated... again please let me know how to get over this pack rat syndrome :)
Enjoy your Saturday

Oh, by the way... It is Sweden's National Day today. My oldest daughter is in Stockholm for a few weeks and saw this today. Amazing and makes me so homesick...

Sveriges National Dag


Judy Scott said...

ooo I thought that was my work room for a minute ~ how do they get in this state!! Once your feeling better Im sure you'll soon get it into shape but take it easy you need your energy to fight the pneumonia ~ and as for what you keep ~ Im like you I cant throw anything away, so good luck ~ Judy x

Jan said...

Oh my gosh - now that IS a MESS!!! But far be it for me to talk - I'd be too ashamed to photograph mine on my blog! Where do you start? I'd say, start from the middle and work outwards! At least then you'd have a bit of space in the centre!
Take care you dont overdo it though - you should be resting up a bit still.