Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the way....

Today was my daughters 5Th grade "graduation"... sort of a bittersweet moment knowing that this was my last day being an Elementary school Mom. With 3 kids and this one the youngest I am "done" with Elementary school. In the fall my daughter will enter Middle School and 6Th grade... she is a little apprehensive but also excited.

We are both leaving in the morning for a long planned trip up to the Sacramento area to stay at my oldest daughter and her husbands condo. She is still in Sweden working but we will be able to visit with her husband for a few hours before he heads off to work for a few days (he is a firefighter). After that we will have the place for ourselves to enjoy the pool, spa and gym as much as we please. I will try to work on the recovery and read a bunch. The Art Journal is already packed and some other Art supplies as well. Now I have to get some laundry done and then close up the bags... we are planning to be gone for about 5 days :)

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Joy said...

Another milestone moment, another mixed emotion moment & being your 'baby' must make it even more emotional. But enjoy your break, great to be able to spend time together.
And well done on putting yourself first & making that brave decision to take a sabbatical, must have been scary.
Take care. x