Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cat folk art for sale and sunny skies

(click on image for full view)

We are now available at www.collectartwork.com

"Cat's in a meeting"

What a wonderful day.... it was over 70 degrees and sunny skies...you could smell the spring and just inhale the warm air. My allergies are not bad yet so I can still enjoy this wonderful season. 
No painting done but plenty of shipping so if you are expecting my art it will show up shortly. I do have over 15 pieces online so take a peek... 


Mary said...

oh too cute!!
I just adore the bright, bold, color you use in your art!

Joy said...

Hey Jeanette, so sorry I haven't been to visit for so long -- life & all that.
Wow!! Your artwork is amazing! I love the bright colours, and especially love the ones that feature cats. So pleased for you that you're creating so much fab stuff; the last time I visited your place was still being renovated.
Shall be visiting frequently -- the place to go for a daily dose of happy colour :D
Take care. xxx