Thursday, December 17, 2009

Find Folk Art.....

Something NEW is happening with my ART... I have been asked to be represented by Find Folk Art! My art will be sold through them on ebay and online. This is wonderful news and I am very excited.

FFA is a company that sells original art and print reproductions online and offline. They offer me high visibility with  large numbers of national and international buyers of art.

Hope the Holidays are merry for all of you. I am busy trying to wrap all the gifts (boy does that take time). The first hour is fun but after's a drag. 

I will have all 3 kids home for Christmas and can't wait. Baking and cooking is on the calendar for this weekend and the crochet addiction I have lately have to be put on hold for a little bit. 

If you have a white Christmas keep me in mind. Talked to my Mother in Sweden yesterday as she was looking out the window as huge snow flakes landed on her outdoor tree. This time of the year I always miss "home" even if 2010 will be my 21st year here in the US.

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