Monday, July 13, 2009

Broken water time to blog

I have to take a few days off from doing what I love the most....My Art Gallery is not high priority while we are suffering from broken water pipes under our house inside the concrete. We have lived without hot water for 4 days and it will be another week before it is back. Between insurance claims and contractors to tear down walls and floors I will not have time for Art or blogging. I never knew how badly you rely on hot water.... I have to boil it to do dishes, laundry is out of the question and cold showers are never fun. There is a constant roar in the house from the dehumidifier and fans that the insurance company has put here to try and dry out the water damage. Sigh... I just want my old life back. Have to be so careful now that I do not inhale any contractor dust since that might have been what caused my pneumonia weeks ago.

Hopefully my next post will be a little more cheerful.

Ciao for now

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Migraine Chick said...

Hoping that your house is fixed soon!