Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today I celebrate 20 years of married life to my wonderful husband. We had some wonderful plans but.... as of last night I started to have the worst tooth ache.... getting less than 3 hrs. of sleep, just praying for the dentist office to open. I was there bright and early to find out I had to go and see a root canal specialist later in the afternoon. I was a very happy patient at 2:30 when they could numb my tooth and pull out the nerves.... argh...

Now I am so numb I can barely speak (might be good since I talk non stop), I can't eat (good for the figure) but so very happy the pain is gone. The dinner plans are canceled but we plan on a candle lit dinner here at home when the Novocaine wears off.

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Jan said...

You poor thing!! Congratulations and hope you soon feel up to that celebration.