Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scrapbooking... can't remember when

When was the last time I did any sort of scrapbooking??? don't even remember!

There where times (like in this picture taken 2005) when I would go with my girl friends to Friday night crops, weekend getaways to scrap around the clock. I have some nice pictures but the pages look.... just awful. Back in the day we used to use circle cutters and markers...thinking we created the most wonderful pages.... but... this was in 1997 and we thought that Creative Memories was the bomb. The brand new circle cutter and stickers... you thought you could rule the scrapbook world.

Not so much I am afraid...These "old" albums are filled with adorable pictures of my kids as babies and with my scrapbooking skills just awful. Feel like I need to redo all the albums (would only take 5 years) or do what I have in mind today. Start again with a new album and pictures from where I left off. I can today print out my own photos, on paper, fabric, vellum (you name it) and make Mixed Media Art out of my family pictures.

You might think, heck, did this woman never think of this before!!! and you are right, I never did. Having not worked in my albums for close to 4 years I am so behind. Just looked at some "new" pages from scrapbookers I found online... WOW has it changed.

Today I can just put pictures of my kids and family on to my art!!! Cant wait to share some of that with you very soon...

Happy Scrapbooking

(please if you are a scrapbooker share some of your work and tecniques with me.... I need some help)

I just can't seem to make the font smaller, sorry about the "huge" letters.


Diane Duda said...

I'm not a scrap booker, but I really wish I was.
I'm so tired of looking search through that box full of pictures in the attic every time I need photo. ARgh!

Migraine Chick said...

I've never been a scrap booker either, but wish I was, so I would know all those cool techniques and have all my photos in one place.

Gunnels blog said...

det ser kul ut! Jag brukar göra ett scrapbookingalbum om året ungefär. Ska se nu till sommaren om jag får ro och tid till att gära det från min Kretaresa!