Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Journal

I am done with my Art Journal and it makes me so sad :(
I fall in love with my Art Journals when they are filled with art and thoughts, gesso and crayons, sticky glue and pages thick with layers.
When one is full I get so sad :( The new one has to be seasoned...and it takes a few pages before I get there and I grieve the old one. I say goodbye to one and start a new one... Moleskine of course... and hope it will be a mess before too long.
A couple of days and no post. Ended up at acute care again yesterday with a really bad migraine (I suffer chronic migraines) and had to have a shot of meds. My neurologist was there and we had a long talk of how to treat and prevent from now on. Acupuncture next (please let me know if you had it done), new meds and a higher dose of the ones I am already taking. Blah... hate the feeling of being under the influence of meds.
Had a massage today (my day off) and ended up with a facial as well :) not often that I treat myself to anything so it was very nice. Sort of like a Mothers Day gift to myself.


Jan said...

The colours in your journal are so vibrant and beautiful. I would imagine you put so much of yourself into these pages so it is understandable that it's difficult to let go.
I hope you are feeling better today.

Jeanette said...

That is so nice of you! Think you just made my day :) Thanks, and I do feel better.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you treated yourself! Acupuncture is
a great alternative therapy.I am sure you have exhausted the food associations with migraines. Also a complete detox?

These headaches are so complex--I know you must go through a lot. I will keep you in my high thoughts.

Your art journal pages hown here are beautiful!!

love, kelee