Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back from Art Show

Back from my daughters Art Show at Sacramento State University
I love the drive up to Sacramento :) We have driven here so many times but it still takes my breath away.... It is no longer green on the hills in Northern California. It was hot yesterday and today with 90s. It smells of dry grass and the heat is very dry. I might have been born in Sweden but after 20 years in the US and 14 years in California this feels like home.... the heat and dry grassy hills.

We had some time to kill in downtown Sacramento and found a Peets Coffee with the nicest outdoor tables. I had everything I needed... Moleskine, Ice Tea, Camera and good company.

My husband and I were both blown away by our daughters art work.... it just never ended... she had close to 20 pieces.

With the hot weather and no A/C in the studios we were all super hot and had to say our good byes. This is the last time we will see our daughter and her husband for some time. My husband and I had both had enough of the heat and could not wait to drive up to Folsom to see our good friends. We had the best BBQ and chatted for hours until it was close to midnight. Thanks for the best visit friends like always, wish it could have been longer.

The drive home today was nice but I did end up with another nasty migraine (had one yesterday am. as well). Feel medicated and a little hopeless tonight wondering if I will ever go more than a few days without a migraine.

I now only have two weeks left of teaching before the summer break :) I have tons of plans and can't wait to share some of them.... perhaps my next blog. Enjoy your weekend.


Judy Scott said...

Hi Jeanette
thankyou for leaving me a message, the trip looks amazing the scenery and your description I could have been there. Your daughters paintings are wonderful ~ you must be a very proud mum. Have a wonderful sunday ~ Judy x

Joy said...

Hi, found your blog by happy accident via ArstyMama's blog (just being nosey really) -- your daughter is one talented lady!! Love the colours, especially in the second painting.
You mentioned scrapbooking in a previous entry; I'm not very adventurous in that I tend to stick to paper but I've got some scrapbooking pages up on my blog & you're welcome to have a look.
Hope you're feeling better & thanks for sharing your daughter's art.

JaCal said...

The Daughter and I sat down to check out Star's Daughter's paintings - and her spontaneous picture when she saw the picture in the middle was "see - she painted SnowWhite!".

Can you see what she meant?

She was, just as we, very impressed. She liked the on the top best -"it had so many pretty colors!".

Anonymous said...

Jeanette!!! love your daughters work!!!


I know you are proud--I would be!

love, kelee

Jeanette said...

That little girl is going to be an artist one day :) and "Star" will be so proud of her.

Migraine Chick said...

Your daughter's work is amazing!

Joy said...

Hi again Jeanette, thanks for your lovely comment. I am so pleased & humbled that my layouts have inspired you. Am having fun looking thru all your stuff, inspiring me to want to try different methods. Have a great week.