Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter from My Art Gallery

Happy Easter to all of you

I am having my ME day today as I do every Friday. Working as an Art teacher gives me the privilege to schedule my classes as I see fit and I work hard all week to give myself Friday off and my own precious ME day.
Today is a pretty crappy ME day... had to clean the bathrooms, vacuum and soon head off to Costco... all this with a brewing migraine, medicated to the point of falling asleep....scrubbing toilets and wondering how to get ready for company this evening and Easter brunch at my house on Sunday at noon.
I have been migraine FREE for a couple of weeks now after starting a seizure medication to prevent them. This is the 3rd migraine in 4 weeks so I am doing better but not awesome. Before the medication I suffered migraines every week and sometimes more than that.
My 11 yr old daughter is off school toady and helping out making the COSTCO list that we never follow :) and will come with to do the shopping. Too bad that Michaels is on the way there.
I will be back for more in a few days....

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