Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art lesson for Elementary school

This week is teacher appreciation week at our school...some of my students gave me flowers that made me smile all day :)


This turned out to be a wonderful project for my 1st grade classes...

I started off by showing the kids how to draw a snail without lifting the pen (only to make the eyes and mouth).... We drew our snails with some funny expressions.... cut out small pieces of decorated paper that we glued to the snail...

I brought with me a bottle of "snail slime" (glitter paint) that we painted under the snails belly and the trail he left behind him...

How can you just not adore these little guys...I want them all on my living room wall... The project was fun, successful for all students and not messy. At the end of the class we put all art on the floor so we could look at all the snails together... the kids love to share their art and I could have stayed in the class sharing art for hours...

  • Black sharpies
  • Decorated paper
  • Snail slime (glitter paint)
  • Heavy manila paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Your sample

After work the heat finally gave in... it has been in the 90s here the last few days and with no A/C that can be a bit nasty. Imagine a classroom filled with 20 kids, 85 degrees and not A/C and you know what I mean. Tomorrow will be loads better with only highs in the 70s.


Anonymous said...

Darling Jeanette! I appreciate teachers so much!!

Fun art!!!

love, kelee

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeanette,

Thank you SO much for you very kind and generous comment today at my blog! What a sweetheart you are - that made my day... so nice of you! Thank you!
I've added YOUR wonderful blog to my Blog Candy page and I so enjoyed my visit here today. I also hope that you find a remedy for your migraines - that is no fun and you should not have to suffer.

Love to you,

Jeanette said...

Thanks to both of you :)

Jonna said...

Jättebra tips. Det ska mina förskolebarn få göra i veckan. Förresten, vilka fantastiska verk du gör! Jag vet ju att hela er familj är konstnärlig, men jag visste inte att du var så duktig! Och att du är lärare! I'm impressed! kram från Jonna

Jeanette said...

Du är för go Jonna !! Jag bloggar om roliga lektioner för barn varje vecka så kom tillbaka för fler ideer. Kram