Monday, April 20, 2009

Art Journaling....

I do love my ART Journal...and not because I love what I create inside (sometimes it is just a scribble and doodle of nothing) but because it is how I feel. Really inexpensive therapy. Ido love this pink colored layout though with some fabric with trees and those... and just a few words in my awful handwriting...a migraine FREE day... I will be able to go back to that layout years from now and remember how wonderful it is when you have chronic migraines to have a migraine FREE day :)

I also love to draw and paint little girls with their pets or friends... never knowing when I start what they will look like or what friend will accompany them on the page. Mixing water color pencils with pastels and crayons, ripped paper and glue, sharpie or stamps... how can you go wrong. This little girl has just some light water color pencils for medium.

It is for some reason 90 degrees here today... and way to hot in mys studio so this is it for today. Now I know what if feels like to go from 45 degrees the other night to 90... 45 degree difference. Where did spring go? Feels like mid summer to me.


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Migraine Chick said...

I've been trying water color paint with bad results. Do the water color pencils work well?

Love your girl with the birdie!