Monday, August 12, 2013

Making it healthy

I never in my wildest dreams thought kale chips would pass my lips and be chewed with a smile on my face. Today the miracle happened.

Shopping at whole pay check (Whole Foods) in the chips section I was amazed at the $5 price tag on the tiny small bags of kale chips. Having read about this new "thing" I wanted to try eating like a rabbit. Walked off to the produce section and for $3 I got 2 big bunches of kale.

Once back home I googled "Hot to make kale chips" and was told by Mr Google to start with clean dry kale torn into small pieces. Toss these in a bag with some olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. Sounds disgusting but just you wait.

Spread the shaken kale onto a cookie sheet and bake 20 min at 300f. You will for sure wonder if you are doing it right since these kale pieces turn a funny color. Open the oven after 15in and find a piece that looks dry. HEAVEN!!! These chips melt in your mouth, don't taste like kale and you can't get enough. After eating half of what I made I realized I had just consumed half a bunch of kale :-0

I am still in shock and have to seal the rest of my chips in an air tight container so I don't eat them all. Can't wait to see what the family thinks ;)


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