Monday, August 19, 2013

Cup Cake Art for kids

Good Enough To Eat

This is a great art lessons for kids in all Elementary school grades. I am a huge fan of Wayne Thiebaud and always make sure to let the students know about his work. Make sure to show your students/kids how he loves to paint "goodies".

I used model magic for this lesson (see picture) but know it can be expensive and since I am all for affordable art lessons you can just as well use clay, play dough, make your own.... 

We then created ice cream sundaes with toppings galore. 

Putting the art in a plastic cup when finished and writing the name of the student on the cup made it easy for the art work to find its owner  when dry and for the art to not topple over.

We talked about how colors can represent flavors, we talked about the shape that can represent foods, we talked about texture and of course color until we all turned blue ;). 

Wonder how many of us had "real" ice cram sundaes later that day? I did...


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