Monday, November 29, 2010

A break from work

So this knee I have been limping on for over a year on and off finally gave out. The MRI says ruined meniscus and the Doctor says surgery :(

Delivered the bad news to all my students and teachers today that Miss Jeanette will not teach art for a few weeks. I will actually not work again until the first week of February if all goes according to plan. 

Perhaps I will have time to blog :) Perhaps I will have time to paint :) Perhaps I will have time to sew the quilt I planned to make out of this fabric for my daughter and her husband :)

Who knows!!! All I know is that my knee hurst and I can't wait for the day of the surgery December 23rd. Christmas will be celebrated on the sofa this year.


Dori Patrick said...

Sending you best wishes for a quick recovery!!!

Tami said...

just fell really hard on my knee.
been limping around for 5 weeks now. soon to see orthopedist.
good luck with your surgery.
I sure hope my knee gets better.