Saturday, January 9, 2010

Find Folk Art is amazing.....

Cats in Cups

I have told you about FFA before. Find Folk Art is a huge store (gallery) on eBay that you just have to visit.  We are by now quite a few artists and the selection is pretty good. 
I have started to paint ACEO's again and it is so much fun. Earlier today I made some domino pendants that will end up on FFA and I will have some pictures to show for it here on my blog by tomorrow. 

Other than that I suffered through 3 migraines this week and worry that they are turning chronic on me again. 
Perhaps one day there will be a magic pill for these migraines that does not put you in lala land for hours. Perhaps a pill that you take once and the migraines never return. That is what I need!!!
Hope your weekend is awesome...

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