Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whimsical and Fun ART

Some whimsical and fun art that I created last week. Since then the creative part of my brain has been on the OFF setting. Today I might change that and find some time to spend in my studio. It is such a mess in here I SHOULD clean and organize first but... perhaps I will create first and then clean :)

I am still having a hard time after loosing all the data and pictures on my laptop a few weeks ago. My new online magazine with ART Lessons for kids had all the research and pictures with lesson plans on the old hard drive. It is now all gone and it is hard to get started yet again but I will.... just need a little more time. 

I am teaching a workshop (Wayne Thiebaud inspired cupcakes) at the CAEA Conference in Los Angeles November 13. If you are in the area, love kids and art or teach art to kids this is the place to be the weekend of Nov 12-15. 

That is about it for now so have a nice rest of the week and keep creating with your kids...


Anonymous said...

Love the houses! I'm always doing house-themed stuff.

Kelee said...

Love these Jeanette...and I love the Wayne Thiebaud
cupcakes paintings..and the idea. His oil was always so luscious and thick.